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Frequently Asked Questions2020-12-07T20:32:46+00:00
Is there minimum age or weight?2021-10-14T15:37:52+00:00

Yes! Riders must be 6 years of age or older and weigh at least 55lbs or more to participate. We can not allow adults to double children as our insurance will not cover it.

Is there a weight limit?2024-06-10T18:16:33+00:00

Yes. Large horses are required for any guest weighing over 200lbs. Riders over 2580lbs unfortunately cannot participate, as it would be dangerous to both horse and rider. We do weigh riders on our scales, so please be honest.

Do you allow doubles or two riders on one horse?2020-12-07T20:31:53+00:00

Goldrush does not allow doubling or two riders on one horse. This applies to parents+kid as well as kid+kid riders.

Are reservations required?2024-06-10T18:17:31+00:00

Reservations ARE highly recommended. This helps reduce or eliminate wait times for our guests. If you reserve with us, you’ll be riding sooner!

How long is the ride?2021-10-14T16:01:24+00:00

Our horseback rides are approximately 45-60 minutes.

What is the cancellation policy?2020-12-07T20:29:28+00:00

Goldrush does not refund cancellations. We will be happy to reschedule at our discretion.

What If It Rains?2020-12-07T20:28:18+00:00

Goldrush rides rain or shine so you can too!

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